Entrevista com o Embaixador português em Londres sobre o desaparecimento de Maddie

Journalist - The 'Madeleine McCann' case turned the relations between both countries difficult, mainly because of the media mutually attacking each other. You, Mr. Ambassador were strongly criticized by statements given in an interview to 'The Times' newspaper by the well known columnist Tony Parsons. Was this the most difficult case of your commission?

Ambassador - No. The story had a great media attention. What I said is that there are many more kidnappings in the UK than in Portugal, and no one mentioned that. There are speculations and books written [on the case], but we do not know what has happened. As far as I know the parents called first the media before the police. There were some problems with the lack of information and misunderstanding, since the British do not have the concept of secrecy of Justice. Besides 'The Times', I gave four other interviews on the British television stressing the importance for both countries police authorities to work together. There was even data that was investigated in British laboratories. Portugal was not trying to hide anything. The case was archived because there weren't evidence [material proves], but it might be reopened. I will not make value judgments, the parents lived difficult moments. I understand their pain because I have a son.

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